Friday, February 09, 2007

The List!

Reader rg writes in:

By technorati rank, here's the obvious breakdown, in my view. The A-list is top 200, B-list top 2000, and C-list everybody else.

BTW, the Liberal Avenger ( at 13,653 would fit nicely into your C-list. If not, no big whoop.

There are three blogs you link to that for some reason I can't find a technorati ranking for them - Sadly, No, Unqualified Offerings, and The Big Picture. I'm looking into that. In the meantime here's the list as it exists now:


Dailykos (14)
ThinkProgress (20)
Crooks and Liars (22)
TalkingPointsMemo (77)
Washington Monthly (117)
Unclaimed Territory (147)
MyDD (152)


Firedoglake (247)
Pandagon (329)
Hullabaloo (446)
Feministing (563)
TalkLeft (574)
Crooked Timber (905)
Shakespeare's Sister (925)
General J.C. Christian (963)
Tapped (1054)
Matthew Yglesias (1178)
Tom Tomorrow (1284)
Feministe (1326)
Majikthise (1428)
Orcinus (1530)
Steve gilliard (1539)


TBogg (2686)
Poor Man (2774)
Booman Tribune (2891)
corrente (3325)
Oliver Willis (3762)
Attaturk (4669)
Echidne (5092)
Suburban Guerilla (5619)
The Sideshow (6528)
Altercation (8959)
alicublog (10508)
All Spin Zone (10938)
Pacific Views (12255)
Roger Ailes (15928)
upyernoz (16428)
AmericaBlog (18571)
Will Bunch (26548)
Dependable Renegade (29690)
Whiskey Fire (30531)
Adventus (55158)
She Flies... (59274)

Hope this is helpful.

Some other ranking system would come up with very different results (technorati's is link-based not traffic based). Still, the point is, contrary to the numerous people who have claimed it recently my current blogroll doesn't only have "A-listers." And, no, my blogroll isn't finished growing either.