Thursday, February 01, 2007


Over there:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Two suicide bombers blew themselves up Thursday in a crowded outdoor market in a Shiite city south of Baghdad, killing 45 people and wounding 150, police said.

The attackers strolled into the Maktabat outdoor market in the center of Hillah, 60 miles south of Baghdad, about 6 p.m. as shoppers were buying food for their evening meals. Police thought one of the men appeared suspicious and stopped him, according to police.

The bomber then detonated his explosives. The second attacker who was walking behind him then set off his own explosives belt, police added.

By tomorrow the Pentagon will tell us that this attack was unprecedented in its sophistication and something that dumbass Iraqis couldn't have possibly accomplished without help from some clever and canny Persians.