Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Quiet American Michael O'Hanlon is on my teevee suggesting that the British pullout from Basra suggests that partition - you know "helping people relocate" - is the right thing to do.

I've never lined up with the "incompetence dodgers" but I have said that much like "WMD" was the thing everybody in the administration could agree upon as the reason to support the war, the general dishonesty and incompetence of the Bushies should have been the thing the "liberal hawks" could have agreed upon as the reason to oppose the war.

Can I remind people that these incompetent and awful people are still in charge. They are no less incompetent than they were 4 years (!) ago. Even if in some platonic plane of reality partitioning Iraq is the correct thing to do, in our blinkered reality George Bush and his merry gang of morons are still in charge of things. And "helping people relocate" (translation: forcing them to relocate) would be a massive operation, fraught with chaos and violence, overseen by a bunch of people who haven't yet managed to keep the lights on.