Monday, February 19, 2007

You Gotta Have Faith

Apparently not just to be president, but to run the Oregon State Democratic Party. Eric Sapp at Faithful Democrats:

Now Mac is running for Oregon Democratic Party Chair. Given his foresight and willingness to take a chance on championing this program back in early '05 when the success of such efforts was not quite so well documented, we should all be excited. He'd serve the state and party well. But what makes the situation in Oregon so remarkable is that one of his opponents, Meredith Wood Smith, was a cofounder of the DPO faith caucus and played a key role in its success, and another opponent, Carol Voisin, has a Th. D. in Theology from the Graduate Theological Union.

So no matter how things turn out, this will be a win for the DPO and for the state as a whole. Now let's hope other states will follow suit.

Two of the people discussed are praised for the work they did improving outreach to religious voters in that state. For their works, so to speak. I've got no problem with that. The third is praised simply for being a theologian. Based on this, no matter who wins, "this will be a win for the DPO and for the state as a whole."

Not sure precisely how other states should "follow suit."