Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chris Dodd Is All Powerful

Email I received:

Dear Duncan,

Later today, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is scheduled to vote on whether or not to approve the nomination of Sam Fox as America's Ambassador to Belgium.

Normally, these confirmations are quite routine.

Not this one ...

Sam Fox helped bankroll the reprehensible activities of "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," by contributing $50,000 to the group infamous for its ads attacking Senator John Kerry's service during the Vietnam War.

Senator Dodd will oppose that nomination, and said the following yesterday:

"U.S. ambassadors need to be both responsible and credible, and Mr. Fox's support for an organization known to have spread falsehoods illustrates neither. The fact that Mr. Fox refused to apologize for his behavior during his nomination hearing reinforces my belief that he would not be an acceptable representative for the position of U.S. ambassador."

Sam Fox is not fit to serve as an ambassador of the United States.

Please sign the petition urging the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote "NO" on Sam Fox later today, then ask your family, friends, and personal networks to do the same.

Let's stop this nomination today!

Tim Tagaris
Chris Dodd for President

The next email came from reader p:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush has withdrawn the ambassadorial nomination of a businessman who donated money to a group that undermined Sen. John Kerry’s presidential campaign.