Monday, March 05, 2007


The LA Times article about Loretta Sanchez is absurd for the reasons listed, but also because of the implication that she has anything to worry about. From the article, Mark Petracca, who works in the twin building connected to the one which used to house my office:

"Show me three important national pieces of legislation that have come out of her office," said UC Irvine political scientist Mark Petracca. "If I were her, I'd be scared. You had an excuse all these years" — being in the minority party — "and you could play frivolous. Not anymore."

She should be scared, despite having an excuse? This silly. Sanchez got 62% of the vote in Orange County, CA. Sure, the more liberal/Dem bit of OC, but Dems only have a 5 point party registration advantage in her district. She's very popular.

I do kinda miss Bob "lesbian spearchucker" Dornan though.