Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Grateful Thread


...ah, right after I posted. It appears St. Malkin Our Lady of Civility has a potty mouth. "Chickenshits." Oh my. I may faint. Don't tell Howie Kurtz.

Calling All Wingnuts has it here, and a cleaned up version with transcript at S,N!

Her potty mouth is extra funny in light of this:

And I'm glad, I have to honestly say, I'm glad I didn't bring my children here because that's not the kind of language I would use.

I'm glad Malkin wouldn't use the word "faggot" around her children. What about chickenshit? (for the record I imagine if I had children I'd happily use the word chickenshit around them).

And some more Malkin freakazoiding from Max Blumenthal.