Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How Unpopular Is Dick Cheney?

I have previously noticed that his popularity bounces aroud quite a bit from poll to poll, with more variation than you'd expect. CNN has him at 34%, while the NYT has him at 18%.

...adding, they are different questions. The CNN is job approval, the NYT is favorability. Bush's favorability, which long exceeded his job approval, is below his job approval.

...the NYT poll has the Republican party with only 34% favorability, identical to Bush's job approval.. It's his party, baby.

...just walking through the poll. I'd say the biggest thing I've gotten wrong in the past few years was thinking that the country was more anti-immigrant than it actually was. I thought Tancredo/Dobbs nativism would have had more traction.

A pretty stunning 59% of people think that illegal immigrants who have been here for 2+ years should be allowed to keep their jobs and apply for legal status. That really does surprise me. I'm glad to have been wrong.