Friday, March 30, 2007

In Which I Reveal I'm a Clinton Adviser

Well, no, not really, but I admit a couple of times (and not recently) I've chatted with Peter Daou about how Clinton could appeal to the "netroots" (whatever that means anymore). I'd hand out the same advice to anyone, not that they'd necessarily listen or that they should. If I had an opportunity to tell Mitt Romney how to appeal to people like me I would.

So I can appreciate that Carville, to some extent, sees his role that way. His friends call him, and he gives advice. But the real issue is that he's a Clinton *supporter.* He wants her to win. And he has a prominent media role which allows him to boost her and diminish others. I don't think CNN has to yank him, really, though I think they should make sure there's at least a little diversity among their pack of Democratic strategists, but he should just be more up front about what he thinks. Take off the fake "impartial observer" hat and put on the "Hillary supporter" hat. That's fine.

...adding, if I ever found myself rooting for someone in a sustained and committed fashion, that I'd crossed over from "guy with opinions" to "supporter of candidate X," I'd feel obligated to say so. Obviously it isn't always quite clear where that line is, but Carville's already admitted to crossing it.