Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Juror Speaking

We now know the former WaPo reporter on the jury is Denis Collins, who's on the teevee now, and who interestingly wrote this book:

"the primary thing which convinced us on most of the accounts was the conversation... the alleged conversation... with Tim Russert..."

"...Mr. Libby saying he was surprised to hear about Mrs. Wilson, we have about 34 post-it pages... 2.5 feet x 2.5 feet... and they were filled with all the information we distilled from the testimony... we took a long time to do that..."

"...what we came up with was that Mr. Libby either was told by or told to people about Mrs. Wilson at least 9 times..."

"...even if he forgot who had told him about mrs. wilson, it seemed very unlikely that he would have not remembered about mrs. wilson."

"...the belief of the jury was that he was tasked by the VP to talk to reporters. We never came to any conclusion whether cheney would've told him what exactly to say..."

Was he covering for the Vice President? "We actually never discussed that because that was not what we were assigned to do."

What do you think? "I really don't know. One thing about being on this jury..the people who were on this jury...there were some incredibly good managerial type people who just took everything apart into the smallest piece and put it in the right places... and it got to the point where you just couldn't...opinion had very little to do with it... you just came to the conclusion that wow, here it is right before us..."

"we had one unanimous decision right away..."