Monday, March 19, 2007


I'd been meaning to take a look at real-time reaction to the "scandal" of Clinton replacing US attorneys, but travel prevented from doing so, as I had pretty vivid memories of the "scandal" of Clinton doing something perfectly normal when he came into office.   That is, it's perfectly normal to replace political appointees, including US Attorneys, with your own people when you come into office.  For some reason when Clinton did that it was scandalous.  Greenwald says it's an early demonstration of the right wing noise machine.   I think it was part that, but this kind of thing (remember Travelgate?) was also thoroughly mainstreamed in our press.  My theory has long been that after 8 years of Nixon/Ford, a brief 4 year pause of Carter, then 12 years of Reagan/Bush, that Washington had become a Republican town from top to bottom.  Clinton coming into town really did upset the socio-economic order, and David Broder and the gang didn't like the fact that the "good people" they had lovely dinner parties with had to go and find new jobs.

For the trolls, what's not okay is to fire US Attorneys because they are investigating members of your own party, or because they aren't investigating enough people of the other party.  That is, to fire them to obstruct or distort justice, especially with regard to public corruption cases.  It's a rather simple concept.