Sunday, March 25, 2007

Memories of George Will

From Alterman's Sound and Fury:

Rumors of a relationship between the self-declared 'thoroughly married' George Will and Lally Weymouth, globetrotting reporter, daughter of Post owner Katherine Graham,and former main squeeze of Left executioner Alexander Cockburn, were initially dismissed by Washington wags as too good to be true. When the rumors panned out and Will left his wife and children to buy a $990,000 house a few blocks away from his family in Chevy Chase only to see, according to the Washingtonian, his office furniture left on his front lawn with a note reading "Take it somewhere else, Buster," the cocktail party circuit exploded. Will and Weymouth both denied that the relationship had been romantic and threatened to sue the Washingtonian. The magazine offered to write a correction if it would be allowed to investigate the matter and interview Will's friends. The matter was dropped there....

Since breaking off with Weymouth, Will apparently found love again with former Reagan White House communications worker Mari Maseng, thirteen years his junior. The couple was married in Will's home on October 12, 1991.