Thursday, March 08, 2007

No George Left to Hate

It's important to keep in mind that while I imagine that come November of 2008 George Bush will remain an intensely disliked figure, he won't actually be running for re-election. I think much of the political activity in 2004 on our side was motivated by the sense that there was a desperate need to remove the man from office. I don't expect the '08 race will have precisely the same character, either on or offline.

My guess is that while a lot of the political internet was focused on the presidential race in '04, in '08 the focus will be much more on House and Senate races, at least in relative terms. There most likely won't be a Dean-like figure who emerges this year to provide the focus of that support, and after the primaries there won't be the sense that netroots support is needed by the nominee. Just to illustrate, I highly doubt that readers of this site will contribute anything close to the amounts they contributed to the Kerry campaign and the DNC to whoever is the nominee.