Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well there's one thing we know

Bush sure loves him those historians that cow kow-tow to his Bushly pretensions of greatness. You know those historians that express their "Gratitude".

Although reading Greenwald's post makes me think that conservative pop-historian Paul Johnson should sue this guy for pilfering his act.

And speaking of the kind of enabling historians that Bush likes...

(To the Addams Family theme)

They're creepy and they're chubby,
Warmongering and schlubby,
With Freepers they are clubby,
The Kagan Family.

Think Tanks they do employ 'em
For Wars that are a screa-um
Please pay them their per diem
The Kagan Family.





da-da-da-surge da-da-da-surge da-da-da-surge


So c'mon and get your War On
Cuz' Congress you can crawl on

For Op-Eds you can count on
Use the KAGAN Family.

*photo from here.