Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Whole Package

The conservative coalition is an odd one, but what seems to be new is that "serious" conservative candidates need to buy into the whole agenda in order to please movement conservatives. This is odd, as I think plenty of movement conservatives don't really agree with the whole package. Aside from their anti-tax fetish, which seems to be universal, there are conservatives who don't have Tancredo's views on immigration, don't buy into the "hate the gay" or general social conservatism agenda fully, at least now recognize that the Iraq war was perhaps a bad idea, think there might be something to this global warming stuff, etc... Still, they seem to want their candidates to support the whole package, even the parts they don't necessarily care anything about. It's about demonstrating their fealty to the movement, and proving they're sincere in their desire to fuck with liberals. It's kinda weird.