Friday, April 20, 2007


Boehner still has 3 more days before the deadline, but maybe if I put this out there some dilligent reporter might actually ask him about it. From 01/23/07:

BOEHNER: I think it will be rather clear in the next 60 to 90 days as to whether this plan is going to work. And, again, that's why we need to have close oversight, so that we just don't look up 60 or 90 days from now and realize that -- that this plan is not working. We need to know, as we -- as we're -- we move through these benchmarks, that the Iraqis are doing what they have to do.

KOPPEL: You spent a weekend at Camp David recently, along with other Republican leaders, and had a lot of one-on-one time with President Bush to talk about Iraq. What did you tell the president?

BOEHNER: Well, I told -- I told the president and others in his administration that there's skepticism on the Hill as to whether this plan will work.

There is skepticism about whether the Iraqis really will step up and bring their military into Iraq, whether they will do the other parts of this plan that they have committed to. And that's -- the skepticism is built around the fact that so much of the plan is dependent on the Iraqis doing their part.


KOPPEL: Now, an aide to Boehner told me that the leader's remarks were simply a gut feeling that he had. They were personal feelings that he had.

But, Kyra, it gives you a window, when you consider the pressure that the Republican Party is under, especially Leader Boehner over here on the House side, when you consider that it comes just one day after he and some Republicans put the White House on notice that they wanted a report every 30 days on the status of what was happening in Iraq, on specific benchmarks, for the first time in writing, saying that they wanted this to come from the White House, from the Bush administration, and also one day, Kyra, after Leader Boehner said many in his party, including himself, are skeptical that this policy, that this surge is going to work -- Kyra. .

How's all that working I wonder.