Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Ana Marie Cox sez no more Imus. Good for her.

As I wrote before, the problem with Imus is largely a problem of his large list of guests which make him "respectable," thus reasonably raising the bar for what should be expected from him. Arguably, calling the Rutger's basketball team a bunch of nappy-headed hoes should be a firing offense for anyone on the public airwaves, but it's certainly one for the guy who's simulcast on a "respectable" news channel and is a regular destination for all of Washington's elite.

It's not that I think politicians or other major public figures should always shun such outlets, it's just that in Imus's case everyone has agreed that he's one of them. "Part of the gang." Peers. Cut from the same cloth. Pals. In spite of Imus's long history of this stuff.

Too many of the gang will defend him, and oddly that's precisely the reason he needs to go.