Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Peeps

A couple of days ago I wrote:

Various corners of the wingnutosphere are trying to claim Imus is a liberal (he isn't), that if he was a conservative he'd be fired (he wouldn't be), and that liberals are giving him a pass. Sadly, to the extent that "liberals" are represented by people likes James Carville and Tom Oliphant, on that last point they're actually correct.

And, sadly, that is apparently more true than I imagined. I don't claim to be representative of anything personally, but these people don't represent me, people I know, the general sentiment in left blogistan, etc. That perspective is almost entirely missing from our media. It's part generational, part cultural, part insiderism, part the general "no liberals on the teevee" rule. Whatever it is, it's troubling.