Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Until the End of the Summer

Elite press consensus appears to be taking its cue from Joe Lieberman and taking the view that it's just wrong not to let the boy king have another chance to let the surge "work," that we should just sit back and give the incompetent crew yet another do-over.
So, just shut the hell up until August! Or September! Or whenever the hell summer ends.

I imagine the Friedman Unit Generator is hard at work, preparing for the inevitable reboot that will come at that time. When Snowe and Collins furrow their brows and look sad and very seriously say they hope things get better soon. When Joe Lieberman writes his annual "things are getting better finally!" column. When a 3 day period with no mass casualty event in Iraq provides "proof" that maybe it's really really working!

It's all so absurd and so horrible.