Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Age of Magical Pony Plans

I thought we'd have gotten past it by now, but even now Brave Pundits continue to try to micromanage the issue of what to do in Iraq and precisely how good patriotic Democrats are supposed to vote on this bill or that in order to demonstrate their degree of patriotic pundit-approvded sensibility. Joke Line sniffs at those who vote against funding, accusing them of supporting a "precipitous departure," even though Bush through his veto and most of the Republicans had likewise signaled their support for a "precipitous departure" just weeks before.

The rest of us understand that it's important to signal any way possible, either through voting against supporting it or cobbling together enough votes for something opposing it, that it's time to start getting out. Starting getting out is the start of a long process, and Democrats won't be causing a "precipitous departure" even if they pass the "Precipitous Departure Act of 2007."