Friday, May 04, 2007


Oh the humanity.

Regarding this:

BRODER: Since I would never question their motives, I have to assume that they spontaneously and simultaneously chose to express their confidence in their leader on the same day last week. I have a copy of their letter, with all the signatures, and it is gfoing up on my wallo. A semi-historic document to pass on to the grandchildren, as a testament to what a dope their granedfather was. I love it.

Um, were you a "dope" or did you, you know, make shit up? You claimed "long list of senators of both parties" weren't happy with Reid. It's possible that was true and the Dem caucus letter was CYA on their part, or it's possible the Dean of the Washington Press Corps made shit up. I'd kinda like to know. At another point we have:

Asheville, N.C.: You wrote in your column of April 26 that Senators in both parties (indeed, a long list of them) were dissatisfied and embarrassed, etc. about Harry Reid. What Democratic senators were on that long list? What was your source? Do you stand by what you reported in that column?

David S. Broder: Yes, I do. The senators will have to speak for themselves, but his record speaks volumes.

Which doesn't actually answer the question.

Oh well, just another day in the life of the press corps for which truth is more important than anything.