Thursday, May 10, 2007


Just expanding on my point yesterday about abortions and disabilities, my point was really about people who are somewhat on the fence about abortion. That is, those who understand that some abortions should be legal but who nonetheless feel entitled to pass judgment on the reasons others choose for having them. My sense is just that most people, even those who tend towards the anti-abortion side, would want to able to make the choice if faced with the decision. Many people, understandably, are unable or unwilling to make the commitment to take responsibility for someone who is unlikely to ever be able to care for themselves. That's more than a lifetime commitment.

I guess to me it's this kind of issue which brings us into Schiavo territory pretty quickly. People had different opinions about whether the feeding tube should remain in or not, but once they saw Tom DeLay trying to make the choice for them they suddenly understood what the broader issue was. Choice rhetoric on abortion isn't necessarily all that successful, but once the concept is really hit home for people they come around. Many people are uncomfortable with the concept generally, but ultimately they imagine that they would and should have the choice of whether or not to have a severely disabled child. People have the tests for a reason.