Thursday, May 03, 2007


One of Lord Chait's obsessions appears to be that us liberal bloggers don't criticize each other much. There are two issues here. One is the general Kos-centric view of the blogosphere, which Chait (and many others) seems to have which I don't really share. Sure the Great Orange Satan has a very popular site, but Markos's voice hasn't dominated it in a long time. While many seem to imagine that Markos spends all of his time promoting Markos, it isn't actually true.

But, anyway, no I don't criticize Markos every time he writes something I think is dumb because I don't think "what Markos writes" is generally very important. More than that, if you want to see immense amounts of Markos criticism the best place to find it is often... at the Daily Kos.

That would change if Markos started regularly advocating for things which were politically relevant and I thought were important. If, for example, he'd been all pro-Social Security privatization I would've criticized/argued regularly. Back during the summer of War I used to say all kinds of mean things about Josh Marshall and Kevin Drum.

The other issue is a tendency to not bother criticizing views "to the Left." I think our political discourse has been harmed by the fact that there aren't more prominent voices to my left, even when they have views I disagree with. If The Left suddenly became all powerful and was successful at promoting views and legislation I disagreed with I'd certainly be more critical of it. But we live in a world where Joe Klein is about as "left" as you get and I have no desire to battle his dirty fucking hippies. He spends enough time doing it himself.