Monday, May 14, 2007

Hard Work

Voting day in Philadelphia tomorrow. It's the primary, but it's basically a single party city so it's largely the one that counts.

I find it to be very hard work to follow local politics and to make informed judgments on even the major races, let alone the ones more down ticket (When in doubt I vote for the people who show up at Drinking Liberally). More than that, it's difficult to really know what the range of possibilities are, where the bottlenecks and blocks to progress are, what could reasonably be hoped for, etc.

It's also the case that my personal pet issues probably don't necessarily echo the pet issues of most people in the city. I have no kids and live in a low crime area, and while education and crime reduction are of course very important issues for every urban area, and successful improvements will have positive impacts for the city generally, it's still the case that they aren't things which by and large impact me directly.

Remember to vote early and often! I intend to.