Friday, May 04, 2007

More Garance

Garance says she wasn't talking about criminalizing adult nudie pictures, but give people more legal control over their nudie pictures as well as forbidding under-21 pictures for commercial purposes.

To the extent that we define commercial purposes as "I pay you for naked video which I then sell" this is less unreasonable, but the problem is that internets are increasingly redefining what distribution and commercial purposes mean.

Also she suggests that there are consent issues surrounding the intoxication of girls in GGW videos. Sure I agree with that, though I have no idea what the current legal situation is there. My guess is "you got me drunk and I signed that form without knowing what it was" would hold up in court if one had the money to hire a laywer, go to court, etc. Of course, the internets have also made it difficult to put the cat bag in the bag, so...