Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Triumphant Return of Sam Seder

Announcing Seder 3.75

from the desk of Seder

May 16, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman:

I am happy to announce the launch of what we (by we, of course, I mean me) like to call Sam Seder 3.75, a fully updated and revised Sam Seder. I’m convinced you are going to love this new and improved Sam Seder even more than you did the old one. Sam Seder 3.75 includes a new radio program, Seder on Sundays; a new updated website,; and a general sense of more, wholesome Sam Sederness.

Seder on Sundays premieres this Sunday, May 20th at 4pm est. My old friend, Lauren K. will produce Seder on Sundays and it will feature many of the regular guests you’ve come to know from the Sam Seder Show plus some new faces, er, voices. Speaking of which, the SammyCAM will be in effect.

We will be introducing a couple of new weekly features including the Comfy Chair Award, presented to the most deserving corporate media aristocrat of the week and the Weekend Watchdog segment presented by Bill Scher.

Meanwhile, we are soft launching the new blog!!! You will notice that we now have an Open Mic section, not unlike the diaries found at Daily Kos. By registering on, you will essentially be able to create your own blog housed within our blog. Of course, you’ll always be able to continue to post or lurk on the main blog without registration- just like it’s been for the past three years. You’ll also notice more features on the new site including audio and soon, video. There will be more comedy, both from me and my friends. Soon, Senator Katherine Harris will have her own page on the site. Photos from Honeydo farm will be posted soon. Sweet lord, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

Folks, Sam Seder 3.75 is just the beginning and merely a lead up to Sam Seder 6.47 when I will simply be known as Samuel. Won’t you join me on this journey?

Check out now and feel free to email me anytime at!