Wednesday, June 27, 2007


In this edition, Joe Klein criticizes his employer for making us all just a bit more stupid. So we pat him on the head.

Aside from the "no liberals on the teevee" rule which is apparently still in place, I do find the lack of innovation and creativity from broadcasters to be rather stunning. I'm not a news purist. I don't think the only model of television journalism is the Serious Anchorperson Being Very Serious. I think a news show can be engaging and entertaining, and that a serious news show can include some fluff and frivolity as long as it isn't overwhelmed by it. You can have a commitment to serious news without thinking it all has to be serious, and you can allow an anchor to have a strong voice. But, Jeebus, what's the obsession with promoting whiny ass titty baby versions of Morton Downey Jr.? I think even cranky white guys who feel like they're the #1 victims of society are tired of listening to whiners like Beck. That era is so over.

Though, I imagine, all of this is related to the "no liberals on the teevee rule." Whining is all conservatives have right now, so if you want to promote conservatives you're going to promote these idiotic whiners.