Monday, June 25, 2007

We're All Adam Yoshida Now

As a couple of people have suggested in comments here and at MY's place, it appears that the lunatic foreign policy provisions of Adam Yoshida, prime proponent of the "keep smashing the hornet's nest with a baseball bat while liberally dosing it with insecticide until the pony appears" theory of foreign relations, have now been thoroughly mainstreamed in the guise of the Very Serious Roger Cohen.

Not only is Roger Cohen serious, but he's a liberal! How do I know that? Well, he's had important and powerful positions in that most liberal of liberal newspapers, the New York Times, for quite some time.

* Media reporter (1990-92)
* European economic correspondent (Paris; 1992-94)
* Balkan bureau chief (Zagreb; 1994-95)
* Correspondent in Paris bureau (1995-98)
* Berlin bureau chief (1999-2001)
* Deputy foreign editor (2001)
* Acting foreign editor (2001-2002)
* Foreign editor (2002-2004)
* International affairs columnist for the Times and for the International Herald Tribune (2004-present)

I don't know if we can survive these people.