Thursday, July 05, 2007

Because Everyone...

I have no idea what the right thing to do for Tyson's Corner is, but despite my affinity for rail projects and similar it's also the case that unless you're interested in doing them sensibly - building them near where people actually live and work, encouraging development around the stations and not surrounding them with acres of asphalt, etc.. - there isn't much point in dong them. In truth, the real point of a real project through a place like Tysons Corner is to change Tysons Corner. If there isn't a willingness to do that, then don't bother.

When I lived in the O.C. a long-planned rail line was scuttled, and from what I remember it should have been. IIRC, opposition from residential neighborhood groups had basically prevented the line from running near any residential areas, making the entire thing rather pointless.
Of course a rail line to Dulles from DC might be a good project for other reasons, but as the project is described it's unlikely to do anything for Tysons Corner.

(via ezra)