Friday, July 20, 2007

Falafel Boy

I've long wondered why even careful historical comparisons being actions of a government and events in 1930s Germany, when made by a liberal, are the Worst Thing Evah, while the branding of hundreds of thousands of average citizens as Nazis is a-ok. Well, no, I don't really wonder.

Still, it's pretty funny that Susan Collins' guy has thrown his lot in with Falafel Boy, he of the alleged multi-million dollar sexual harassment suit. And he, like good Catholic Bill, still doesn't know that the pope is indeed a proud Primate.

Collins' opponent, Tom Allen, released a statement:

Senator Susan Collins’ internet director and blogger Lance Dutson of the Maine Web Report has joined Bill O’Reilly’s smear campaign against the progressive online movement calling it “hateful.” Wrote Dutson of the positive relationship Congressman Tom Allen shares with the community, “Tom Allen has shown a breathtaking lack of judgment.”

Tom Allen believes otherwise. "I appreciate the millions of Americans, especially those from Maine, who participate in the online community. The internet has opened up new ways for us all to communicate, and put the power of information back where it belongs, with the people. I welcome the support that I have received from the online community. And look forward to continuing to have a dialog with the people of Maine and America online,” he said.

Not bad, but should go further and suggest that Collins isn't too wise to tap dance to Papa Bear's tune. Remember what happened when she tangoed with Joe?

Allen's on the Eschaton challengers list.