Thursday, July 26, 2007

Five Months

Had this in the wrong spot on my calendar, so I'm 9 days late on this. Here's what the very serious Richard Shelby had to say on February 17:

SHELBY: Not all of us are happy with policy. But the president is the president, and we've got a new general there and we ought to give him a chance to succeed. We will know in four or five months.

SANCHEZ: So you're saying you're willing to go back in four or five months and have a hands up, hands down debate or actual vote on whether we need a surge in Iraq or not, but you're not willing to do that right now?

SHELBY: Not ready to do that right now. But six months from now we either will be stabilizing the Baghdad area or we will have deeper problems. The president will know it. The troops will know it. And the Republicans will know it.

Almost needless to say Shelby voted no on the recent cloture vote. Maybe next month.