Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Last Chance

One Friedman ago today, Dana "He's Got a Secret" Rohrabacher informed us that this was the "last chance."

REP. DANA ROHRABACHER (R-CA): Well, sometimes you win the game when you throw a Hail Mary pass, you know? And maybe this might be a worthwhile endeavor.

Just prefacing my question about Iraq, let me just note that this administration's insistence on sending to prison two border guards for what they were doing, where they intercepted a drug dealer on our Southern border, undermines the president's support among those of us who would like to offer more support, because if he thinks this lowly of securing our Southern borders, it makes us question why we're sending troops overseas -- just preface it with that.

Is this not -- and we wish you success, but is this not the Iraqi people's last chance, because of the public opinion here in the United States? And we wish you success. We wish the president success, because we want the forces of evil to be thwarted there in Iraq. But if the Iraqi people don't step up after we've given them this chance, this is their last chance. Is it not?

SEC. RICE: Well, obviously, failure in Iraq would be of great consequence for us and for the American people, as well. And so I think what we're trying to do is, in what is a very important and pretty bad set of circumstances in Baghdad, to give them a chance to get on top of this sectarian violence. But I don't think they have --

REP. ROHRABACHER: Well, we're giving them a chance.

SEC. RICE: I don't think they have many more chances to do it.

REP. ROHRABACHER: There it is. We don't have many more chances. I'd say it's their last chance