Monday, July 09, 2007

No One Wants To Hear Your Super Theory of Super Everything!

For those who may not have been hanging around here for very long, the occasional mentions of "biofuels, bitches!" or similar refer a time when I was sent an angry email suggesting in rather strong terms that I really really should be posting about biofuels. The related point was that all the "open threads" were wasted space which I could use to link to super awesome things. Like, of course, posts about biofuels.

The truth is that finding super awesome things to link to takes time. It actually takes the most time. Writing - at least the kind of "talking with my fingers" that I do most of the time - is the easy part. It's the finding of the conversation topic that's difficult, especially 15 hours/day 7 days/week.

People also seem to have this sense that if it's front paged on Daily Kos, or linked to here, or whatever, it somehow gains magic powers. Sad to say, a blog post ain't gonna change the world.

Time to stop meta before the madness sets in.