Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who Cares?

Not our elite pundit class.

Is anyone in the Beltway interested in what they were doing during this time? It is not news that there were "other intelligence activities" besides the "Terrorist Surveillance Program" that were illegal and extreme. We have known that for a-year-and-a-half based on how they have parsed their answers. And we knew it inescapably once James Comey said that he was going to quit once he realized what they were doing and how illegal it was.

Our Beltway political class just has chosen not to demand to know what was done, notwithstanding its blatant illegality. How can we just allow these government activities -- of plainly illegal government spying on us during 2001-2004 -- to remain concealed?

Joe Klein summed up their attitude quite well:

People like me who favor this program don't yet know enough about it yet. Those opposed to it know even less -- and certainly less than I do.

Put your trust in Dear Leader and his court of sycophants.