Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Daily Kos Democrats

Hardball yesterday:

BOYER: Yes, it is. It‘s interesting. I think, in a way, Hillary has

Mrs. Clinton has gone farther down the road of convincing people that she might be an effective commander in chief than she has in convincing Democrats that she can win. And that is a real problem. Josh is right. Jim Webb was not exactly a Daily Kos Democrat in Virginia. It is a pretty thin margin in both houses. And Mrs. Clinton is—she is her own wedge issue.

Sigh. For better or for worse Jim Webb is probably the archetypal "Daily Kos Democrat." More than that, he had tremendous support from the site both during the primary run and during the general, pre- and post-Macaca. Here's what Markos wrote way back in April of 2006:

I don't have the time for a full fighting Dem write up, only to note that tonight's edition (9:20 p.m. ET) will feature Jim Webb running for senate in Virginia.

I am extremely excited about his candidacy and I'll be taking a bigger role promoting it in the coming months.

People think that because Webb was a former Navy secretary under Reagan, and because he speaks, at least rhetorically, favorably about that era, that he is somehow a right-wing Democrat. Anyone who thinks that will be pleasently surprised over the next several months. Webb is the real deal and a real progressive.

Not only can we abort the budding presidential candidacy of Sen. George Allen (who is bored of being a senator and wishes he was born in Iowa), but this seat will be essential to our chances of capturing the Senate. And it's doable.

And he was right.

Speaking of which, happy Macacaversary! It was one year ago today.

I remember getting a somewhat mysterious email (not from the campaign) about the George Allen moment which would end his career.

It was right.