Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Good question

Lambert wants to ask the Democratic candidates, "What is the Democrats' plan to restore Constitutional Government?"

Hm. Maybe we should ask our reps, too.


Update: Look, I'm not saying we should bash the Dems. I'm saying it's a real issue and no one else is going to ask them, so we have to.

Healthcare is an issue, and we should ask them about it. The war is an issue, and we ask them about it. And restoring Constitutional government is an issue we should ask them about.

It's a question about one of the important issues of the day, and they should be able to answer it.

The Democrats are under tremendous pressure from the right-wing spinnners on The Hill and their media handmaidens to ignore these important issues. They're going to ask them about haircuts and cleavage.

So, when we have a chance to get them to talk about important questions, we'd damn well better take it.

We have to push back. That's what democracy is all about: We have to tell them what we want - and when they are running for office, we have to ask them how they plan to give us what we want.

They're only human, you know - if all they hear in the public sphere is right-wing smoke, they will think they'd have to be crazy to go against it. Yearly Kos is a great place to bring these things out into the open.

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