Friday, August 24, 2007

More and Better Democrats

Here's Darcy Burner on the FISA collapse.

Here's Joe Wilson introducing the upcoming Monday virtual town hall with Burner.

You can go here for info about how to send your question, etc.

Most importantly, the worst president in history, George Bush, is heading to Washington to to a fundraiser for her idiot opponent, Dave Reichert.

Here's Dave being an idiot.

It'd be nice to send a message that Bush is poison, and that bringing him to town is only going to ensure that the Democrat is going to raise lots of money, too.

The goal is to raise $100K online over the next few days. That really shouldn't be that hard, as I think it would just require that every Kossack throw in a quarter. But you can help too.

Throw in some change for better Democrats.