Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not Popular

TV advertising star Chris Bowers writes:

But returning to Republicans, do they even care how out of step they are with America on things like Iraq and SChip, even though last year it cost them control of Congress and right now it looks like 2008 will be even worse? I am starting to wonder if Republicans are bored with governing, and want to get back to what they do best: relentlessly attacking liberals and attacking the media. The MoveOn distraction showed that they are better set up to do that than govern, anyway. They must look back on the 1993-1994 years of the Democratic trifecta, and the post-9/11 build up to war, as the good times. Back then, there was no responsibility, just relentless attacks.

Aside from "low taxes" and promises to kill nonexistent programs which provided free Cadillacs to minorities, the Republican agenda has never been popular. When they're in power that becomes apparent.