Friday, October 19, 2007

Bad Democrats

Al Wynn:

In campaign finance reports that cover the period ending Sept. 30 and made public on the Federal Election Commission's website this week, Wynn said he had raised $592,602 for his campaign and had $400,286 on hand to spend. Edwards, meanwhile, reported raising $214,365 but spending almost half, leaving her $100,511.

Both sides declared themselves pleased with the numbers. Edwards noted that almost half of Wynn's contributions came from political action committees rather than individuals. The two are more evenly matched in the number of individuals donating--with 121 giving $200 or more to Edwards in the last quarter and 189 donating $200 or more to Wynn. Wynn's campaign manager meanwhile notes that much of Edwards' money comes from people who don't live in the 4th district--or even in Maryland.

Wynn's $290,000 from PACs include contributions from several telecommunications companies, natural gas and propane interests, the Nuclear Energy Institute Federal PAC, Wal-Mart's PAC and other industry groups. They also include donations from unions, like the AFL-CIO, the Communications Workers of America and airline pilots and flight attendants. By contrast, Edwards has taken in only $2,100 from PACs (the Feminist Majority, the Friends of the Earth and Moderates Against Corruption.)


"The vast majority of our money comes from individuals in our district, in Maryland," said Wynn campaign manager Lori Sherwood. She said Edwards' money seemed to come from "individuals and organizations she's been affiliated with" as executive director of the Arca Foundation. "Our opponent has special interest. She's receiving money from Barbara Streisand, Hollywood money and New York money. I'm not sure if Barbara Streisand knows what the policies are in the 4th district."

translation: "Jew money."

It's only 4 months until the primary. While the fundraising ability of the netroots is in some sense impressive, I don't think it's quite been tapped and directed as well as it could. No hard sell here, but having Donna Edwards in Congress would be great.