Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Better Democrats

Look who's raising money for bad Democrat Al Wynn.

That's ok. We can raise money for good Democrat Donna Edwards.

As Stoller says:
Progressive hero Donna Edwards nearly beat Al Wynn in 2006 as a first time candidate running an underfunded campaign, losing by just three points. This cycle, she's going to win. But this is not just another Congressional race, it's about what kind of party the Democrats will be in the majority. Will we continue to knuckle under to lobbyists and the Bush administration? Or will we stand up as proud progressives?

Color of Change, MyDD, Swing State Project, Americablog, Dailykos, Firedoglake, Atrios, and Openleft are coming together in a special project to raise $100k for Donna Edwards for Congress. We want to send a message to the Democratic leaders in Congress, to the corporate lobbyists, and to the Republicans that Congress belongs to the people. Over the next four days, we're going to show you exactly who Nancy Pelosi is raising money for, and we're going to cap it off with Donna blogging at Americablog, Dailykos, and Firedoglake for Saturday afternoon during the Wynn fundraiser.

You can help do your part here.