Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Something tells me they aren't going to see them.

The developer of Seasons on Lanier is not having a good financial season, according to information released by the firm’s parent corporation. The news apparently has brought activity at the Gainesville development to a halt and left the company’s future in doubt.


A design center also was closed. A sign indicated it had merged with another Levitt facility in Atlanta and provided a phone number for that location, which also did not answer calls on Tuesday.

The gates to the gated community were open and houses sat in various stages of completion.

No work was taking place at the site. Only one truck, belonging to a cabinet company, was loading materials from a house onto the truck on Tuesday.

Not gonna happen:

One buyer, Eileen Behrens, 68, had been looking forward to moving into the Seasons community next month.

She said she put $42,000 down on the house, including luxury upgrades.