Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The War on Middle Class Solvency

Colin McEnroe:

If the Democrats were smart, they'd keep this conversation going, because the Frosts seem to be exactly whom we should be talking about. They're trying to make it as a middle class family, without a lot of income. And they're just about succeeding, as long Malkin and her friends don't insist that they be bankrupted or stripped of their hard-won assets by their medical bills.

Medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in this nation. When people are telling you how much better our system is than those of Germany, France, Australia, Canada, be sure to point that out. In our system, you could lose your job tomorrow, lose your health insurance in the same gulp and immediately become one bad illness or accident away from bankruptcy (although, in fact, our system regularly bankrupts even the people who think they do have coverage, as the Harvard Study illustrates).

And look at this! Malkin and her friends don't want to fix that problem. On the contrary, they insist on it! They insist on the risk of bankruptcy as kind of a moral imperative; and they say members of the shaky, eroding American middle class who are not willing to put up with the ruination of their financial health from medical bills are leeches and wussies! Wow.

Though Colin should have mentioned that Malkin is, in fact, an asshole.