Monday, November 05, 2007

Bonus Points for Slummy Joe Reference

From an Edwards release:
There’s no doubt that Iran is an extremely dangerous country. Iran supports terrorist and insurgent activity, threatens Israel, rejects U.N. Security Council resolutions, and appears to be trying to produce fuel for a nuclear bomb. We should take Iran very seriously. As commander-in-chief, if John Edwards ever learned that any nation, including Iran, is threatening an imminent attack, he will do what’s necessary to protect America. But there is one thing Edwards believes must not be done—and that is to make America less safe by launching another so-called “preventive war,” when the U.S. and the community of nations possess a strong arsenal of diplomatic and economic options that have not yet been used.

George Bush’s “preventive war” doctrine was crafted by a radical group of neoconservative Bush administration aides. The doctrine holds that America should shoot first and only ask questions later. It rejects the historic grounding principle of America’s national security policy, which is that military force should always be an option of last resort. This radical doctrine was a stunning departure from the policy that kept America safe during both World Wars and during the Cold War. The doctrine led directly to the disastrous war in Iraq and is driving the Bush-Cheney approach today to Iran, including Senator Joe Lieberman’s resolution declaring Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

As I wrote once, channeling a bit of wisdom is that seems to have been lost... War is bad.