Wednesday, November 28, 2007


You know, when Saletan went down his courageous racist road it at first didn't even occur to me to bother to revisit the racism of his new patron saint, Rushton, because I thought this was something that everyone already knew about. I mean, not everyone, of course, but everyone who had spent a bit of time reading about this stuff. I've been around this block several times, from when the Bell Curve came out, to when it was sliced and diced by reputable economists, to the multiple times the "Teh Science Says Black People Are Stupid" conversation has erupted in the blogosphere.

Better racism dabblers, please.

...adding, the obvious point is that if you want to declare that TEH SCIENCE says black people are stupid and that anyone who disagrees is the equivalent to a young Earth creationist a prudent step before doing so might be... having some fucking clue what you're talking about.

Maybe if Saletan wrote about how black people enjoyed monkeyfishing, or about how George Bush was full of shit about his tax plans, then he could get fired.

...and shoot me in the face for not going for the obvious joke:

Will Saletan has neither the time nor background to figure out who's right.