Wednesday, November 07, 2007


From Stephen Simons, owner of the Khyber:

The standard deal for locals with no past history is that they split 90% of the door after $200. The $200 covers the doorman, the soundguy, advertising and hospitality (generally 3 drinks per band member). This means that on a good Tuesday night, the bands will make $50-100, but on most Tuesday nights, they'll get either nothing or maybe $12. We have had nights where only 5 people pay and it would have been much better to just be closed.

Larger locals and most touring acts will get a guarantee. Those deals generally work like this.
Headliner - $500 (This number varies wildly, but I don't think it's ever been higher than $2,000 at Khyber)
Opener who the headliner is touring with - $100
Local opener - $100
Local opener - $50

Then the headliner will get an additional 85% after costs. Touring bands generally also get $10 per band member as per diem.