Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Unity08 or Amway?

It seems Unity08 has reinvented itself as some sort of weird multilevel marketing project.

Welcome to Unity08’s new web site. We are very excited to finally set the tone and direction for how we are going to accomplish our goal of remaking American politics by combining our highest values with our newest technologies. If this is your first time here, then we welcome you to Unity08! If you have experienced our site before, you’ll know that this is a major release for us.

Members are now in charge. As a member of Unity08, you can now rank the issues that are most crucial to the country according to you, and view how other members have responded in aggregate. Each issue of the American Agenda is populated by news and web resources submitted by members. It’s not up to Unity08 to tell you how to feel about the issue, it’s up to you to help educate all of us with articles and videos on the important issues facing our great nation. I highly suggest you submit a resource if you come across something that you feel others would value reading, discussing or viewing.

Members now gain "Political Capital" points for participating within the Unity08 community. As you post, invite others, donate, you gain Political Capital points. The more points you gain, the larger your Torch grows signifying a re-energizing of our American community. Soon, your Political Capital points will open additional tools and privileges on the site.

I can't wait for my Torch to grow larger.