Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Can I Still Go?

I wouldn't mind some free food and drinks at Tinto.

JOCELYN SARAH Kirsch had planned to throw a 25th birthday party tonight at an upscale Rittenhouse Square eatery for her live-in love, Edward Kyle Anderton.

"If you're in town, please join us at Tinto tapas bar for some suprise-birthday drinks and desserts around 10pm," wrote the Drexel University senior to her pals.

To which she added: "(MY treat, of course!)"

Actually, it was courtesy of some of their unknowing neighbors, whose identities the couple allegedly stole from inside their Belgravia condos, on Chestnut Street near 18th, part of their alleged $100,000 crime spree.

But the daring duo - now all over the national news media - won't be attending the party, because they'll instead be spending the night in the clink.