Monday, December 03, 2007

Good Neighbors


Kirsch, 22, and Anderton, 25, both of Chestnut Street near 18th, were arrested Friday on charges of stealing some of their neighbors' identities and establishing credit lines in their names.

The duo also burglarized at least two of their neighbors' apartments and, police allege, they then faked Georgia state driver's licenses so they could open credit card accounts.

Anderton and Kirsch were charged with identity theft, conspiracy, unlawful use of a computer, forgery and a slew of other offenses, said Lt. George Ondrejka of Central Detectives.


In one instance, Kirsch allegedly tried to pass a phony $1,700 check to pay for hair extensions at Giovanni & Pileggi salon, at 17th and Walnut streets.

Cops said the couple trotted the globe, furnished their apartment and bought the latest in electronics with their newfound credit.

They traveled to Paris, Hawaii, and Turks & Caicos Islands, Ondrejka said.


When the phony $1,700 check for hair extensions was refused, someone at the salon tried to contact Kirsch by phone, then with a text message, to which Kirsch allegedly replied:

"Hello. You don't know my name, but I know yours. I also know your nice place on . . . Street and how you get home at night. You're the one who should be worried."

The couple also had copies of the mailbox keys of every resident at Belgravia Condos, 1811 Chestnut, and copies of door keys to about 30 percent of the building's apartments, the police source said. Police also found a picklock set.