Saturday, December 22, 2007

Looking for Help From Republicans

I have to admit likely Republican voters are kinda cute. I mean, it's a bit weird to expect to hear something about government addressing a problem from Republicans.

Democratic voters aren't the only ones worried. Foreclosures are a "big problem not being addressed," said Rachel Serianz, a 58-year-old education professor from Davenport, after attending a Mike Huckabee rally in Iowa on Friday. "Our whole economy is not going to be helped by depriving people of their homes."

Assuming the article is characterizing this person correctly, I think it's safe to say she's attending the wrong rallies.

Now I'm not claiming that Democrats are all awesome about everything, but occasionally think that maybe government's supposed to do something other than starting catastrophic wars sometimes.

He said the idea wouldn't be a government-mandated solution. "This would all be done on a voluntary basis," he said. The Romney idea seems to be a variation on the plan Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has created to get loan servicers and investors to ease the terms on some troubled mortgages. Aides say Mr. Romney has also talked about expanding an existing government-chartered, affordable-housing organization called NeighborWorks America.

Arizona Sen. John McCain, meantime, said his economic team was preparing a plan to combat the problem, though he didn't give specifics. "I believe that government action is the last resort and not the first resort," he told CNBC. A campaign aide indicated a new plan would come out after Christmas.