Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Who's The Next Hitler?

As Glenn shows us, the useful idiots who dominate our discourse can be convinced based on no evidence that there's some Very Scary Person with the means and intent to destroy the most powerful country in the history of the universe (us).

Whether these people are psychologically broken, tools of military-media-industrial-complex, or just plain stupid I really couldn't say. But collectively they're responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. How they sleep at night I do not know. Maybe I'm psychologically broken for thinking that if I'd actually cheered on the Iraq debacle then I might feel a wee bit bad, or at the very least feel the need to follow the advice of the King of Spain.*

But an enemy must be found.


Princeton, N.J.: Obviously not everyone in the media should resign, but it is annoying to having The Post (and others) regularly publish articles by those who were wrong, wrong, wrong, but those who were right about Iraq (e.g. Feingold) still get short shrift.

Thomas E. Ricks: Yes, I agree with you. There are a few people out there who should have the decency to follow the advice of the king of Spain.